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Guitar amplifier VOX Valvetronix AD50VT

Numero di riferimento lotto 13039725
Guitar amplifier VOX Valvetronix AD50VT

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Versatile guitar amplifier. As good as new.

Paese di origine: Regno Unito
Condizioni: Quasi Come Nuova

Versatile guitar amplifier, with tube, which can be used well on stage as well as in the bedroom (special button on the back to reduce the number of watts with preservation of character). A whole range of amplifier models and effects.
The amplifiers was hardly used due to circumstances and is as good as new.

This amp is very versatile, because of all the features! It’s a modelling amp, which means it can simulate different famous amps. This means there’s no standard clean en overdrive channels, but way more! For me it was very important that I could play nice, Fender like cleans, but also high gain rocking Marshall tones, and all that on a bedroom level. Then what do you need? You need a modelling amp with a built in attenuator. This amp has that all, and a little extra… The valvetronix technology, but more on that later!
-11 Amp Models, ranging from nice clean amps (black 12x12) to old classics (the Vox AC30TB) to old boutique amps and high gain Marshall half-stacks.
-2 Banks for storing your favourite settings.
-Manuel mode, which will reflect the settings of the knobs. They have included this because, when I switch to channel 2 (second bank), my knobs aren’t in the correct settings! Pressing manual mode would then give the sound of the knob settings.
-A power level control. This is a very cool feature! This allows you to go from about 1 Watt all the way up to 50 Watt! This way you can crank your volume pot, but still keep the thing on bedroom level.
- One 12” Celestion Speaker
- Eight effects, with some cool combinations, leading to a total of 11 knob positions.
-A adjustable Noise Reduction-
-Three parameters for effects, a gain knob, a volume knob, and the treble, middle and bass (EQ) knobs. It also features a tapping knob to set the speed of Delay, phaser etc.
-11 presets, one for every amp.
-External speaker output (8 Ohms)
- Headpone/line out.

Nl MaxQuinn  

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Iscritto dal: 20 aprile 2017

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